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With an outstanding background in competitive sports and over 20 years of coaching experience, Charlotte brings passion, originality and expertise to running.


Her progressive approach: learn to love running.

Only then do doors open, goals fall into place and transformations occur. 






"Charlotte taught me everything I know about good form. This knowledge has helped me to run three marathons and dozens of half marathons without injury. "        


- Kelly Smith


" Charlotte knows how to turn her clients into successful runners. She is a master teacher and coach. I look forward to my workout with her every week and I know that each workout will be challenging, fun and unique."  

 - Laura Cantor.


" I was a recreational runner who  struggled with any distance over 3 or 4 miles.  I was close to 30 pounds heavier and really didn't enjoy running. Charlotte has literally helped me change my life.  She is more than a running coach.  ."    - Maria Esposito


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