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More About Charlotte



Charlotte Gould is a nationally certified running coach and founder of Mothers Across America, a non-profit organization dedicated to lowering maternal depression through goal-based running programs. Charlotte was nominated for a national humanitarian award for inspiring women of diverse economic and cultural backgrounds to run.  Hallmark featured her as an inspirational leader, The New York Times as creator of an urban running phenomenon and More Magazine as a visionary in her work to fight depression through running and social support.  Mayor Bloomberg honored Charlotte for promoting fitness in neighborhoods at high risk for obesity-related disease. 


Charlotte is a lifelong competitive athlete, winning her first athletic championship on balance beam at age 12. She ran her first marathon in 1995 and never looked back, went on to win a presitigious Balance Bar grant for excellence in marathon running, an ambassadorship at lululemon athletica and medals in 4 mile and sprint distance biathlons. Charlotte’s leg appeared in the first Nike Shox ad and more than 30 years later she is featured in East Harlem's Bikram yoga calendar.


Charlotte's mission as coach, educator and leader is to inspire and cultivate a passion for running. She has led hundreds of private clients and numerous marathon teams to victory. She holds sacred her gift to change lives through coaching.  


Charlotte runs, practices yoga and enjoys flying trapeze. She can often be seen running in Central Park with her large black poodle, Basil.



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